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Business Overview New Car Sales

New Car Sales

Stay as the one and only- our mission as the sole online automotive marketplace for new cars.

The Largest & Only Online Network of New Car Dealers

Autoc one is the sole online marketplace for purchasing new cars in Japan. We provide customers with the best car buying experience by combining the convenience of Internet and our certified dealership network.
Since our service launch, we have been providing reliable support to the partner dealers, and the network is still expanding nationwide. Dealer network: 4,000 stores as of end February, 2017

Lead management Tools, Always Improved for Better Usability

Autoc one provides our partner dealers with a cloud based Lead management tool named DRT (Dealer Real Time System).
The tool allows a dealer to connect and communicate directly with highly motivated users who asked for price quotes via Autoc one.
DRT has various functions to manage, analyze user behavior to improve conversion rate and is highly appreciated by our clients.
New Cars Price Quotation Service

New Cars Quotation Service

New Cars Quotation Service

  • DRT top screen

    User-friendly interface, listing customer names sorted by priority. DRT top screen
  • E-mail management screen

    Can send and receive e-mails by customer. Various default templates are available to use for convenience. E-mail management screen
  • Monthly Quote Report

    Usage stats such as monthly numbers of price quote requests, correspondences, can be displayed in graphs and charts, available to use as tools to improve sales efficiency.
    Monthly Quote Report
  • MyPage Screen

    MyPage is a personal page issued for all users who request for a quotation. It allows online negotiation with dealers at the same time communicate with other members to share and exchange information, providing the user with fun experience lowering the barrier in purchasing new cars. MyPage Screen

Partnership With Leading Website Portals to Extend Reach

The new car quotation system is linked with leading website portals such as carview (aka Y!Autos) and and their users can use Autoc one’s service through the websites.