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Producing attractive Car Sommeliers- is the mission of our Social Media services.

Challenging step to be regarded as the specialist of cars, the "Car Sommelier Exam" .
The concept is to reach out to everyone and promote the fun of life around cars. The Sommelier Exam is the opportunity to learn and test the knowledge for the wannabe's.
Car Sommelier Exam
Car Sommeliers in Action
The certified Car Sommeliers know enough but not too much to bore you, and they' re sending out reports and reviews based on their sharp, interesting views that give the readers a vivid behind-the-wheel-experience. The articles "Car Sommeliers' Reviews" are being added frequently. Q&A service launch is coming up soon, and the Car Sommeliers will be providing reliable answers to questions that the users may have.
"Car Sommeliers' Reviews" -Reliable Test Drive Reviews by the Car Sommeliers
Since its launch in June 2013, more than 3,500 reviews on 300 types of cars by the Car Sommeliers were released in 12 months. The content has become our readers' favorite and the page views of the whole category has increased significantly, from 25 thousand pv's (in Apr. 2013) to 500 thousand pv’s (in March 2014).
Car Sommeliers' Reviews
Student Car Sommelier
Project to promote “car culture” to the younger generation
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